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Fantasy booking Daniel Bryan's road to Wrestlemania


Disclaimer: If you don't like wrestling, there is no reason to read this post.

Like all wrestling fans--or at least those over 13 years old, male, and especially those at the Online Onslaught forums--I'm ecstatic that Daniel Bryan seems to have finally won the admiration of casual fans and cracked the main event.

But of course the dastardly Vince Mcmahon doesn't like him and he needs to go through SuperCena to get the title and the vile Randy Orton is lurking in the wings, ready to cash in his Money In The Bank Contract.

Most people are hoping Bryan beats Cena and gets a lengthy championship reign. Others worry that he will lose or that he will win only to quickly lose to Orton.

I think the second option is most likely and could lead to some awesome stuff down the line. First of all, it would turn Orton heel--meaning, into a bad guy--which is what he does best. Second, it gets Bryan more sympathy and makes his eventual title win even sweeter. Third, it sets up the opportunity for Vince to step in and do everything he can to stop Bryan from winning the championship.

Here's what I'm hoping happens. Bryan wins, then loses to Orton. Then there would most likely be a triple threat match with Orton, Cena, and Bryan at the next PPV and Orton wins, possibly with help from Mcmahon.

Now Mcmahon steps in and starts trying to keep Bryan from getting back into the title picture. Also, Bryan's partner Kane is probably going to join the evil Wyatt Family so that will occupy his time for a while, until we get to the Royal Rumble, a 30-man battle royale where the winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania.

And here's how the Rumble should go down. Vince will force Bryan to start the Rumble at #1 and then stack the deck against him, making sure that Bryan has to face one monstrous challenge after another.

(For the sake of this fantasy booking, I'm assuming that Del Rio is still World Champion and facing Christian, and Orton is still WWE champion and facing Sheamus)

So we start off with Bryan #1 and his first opponent is the 7 foot tall Great Khali. Bryan eliminates Khali before #3, who is another monster, maybe a newly heel Brodus, comes out and Bryan eliminates him too.  #4 is is one of the big Wyatt's and he gets eliminated. #5 is Big E but he can't eliminate Bryan. Then #6 is Ryback and it's Bryan against 2 monsters, just hanging on until #7. It's Kane! If he's been heel for a while (who knows what happens with him and the Wyatt's), he comes in and looks like he's about to attack Bryan, hut he turns on the other 2. Then once he takes them out, he hugs Bryan and then CHOKESLAM! He picks up Bryan's limp corpse, hugs it, goes to throw him out but Bryan wakes up and eliminates him. Kane freaks out, pulls him out under the rope and chokeslams him through the Spanish announce table. 

#8 is Mark Henry and we've got a 3-way giant showdown (Henry, Big E, Ryback).#9 is the big show...4 monsters in the ring at once.They fight and each gets a chance to powder out and hit a massive power move or 2, and they quickly dismiss the next 2 entrants (say Ryder and Riley). The 3 other guys tag up on Show and are pushing him over the rope, but he's fighting it, until suddenly Bryan grabs his arms from the outside and yanks him over the top. The YES chants are interrupted by a chokeslam through the other announce table. 

#12 is Miz and he puts up a good fight but gets eliminated.#13 is Ziggler and he goes right after Big E.  He eventually gets his ass kicked but survives. While Ziggler is down, Ryback goes for a superplex on Big E, but Henry goes for a superbacksuplex on him. Suddenly, Bryan is back in the ring and powerbombs Henry for the biggest tower of doom spot in history. And just in time because #14 is RVD! Frog splash on Big E, frog splash on Ryback, frog splash on Henry. Ziggler/Bryan pick up the pieces and eliminate Ryback/Big E, but it takes all 3 guys to pick up Henry and he recovers just in time to throw them off.

Henry runs over Bryan, flapjacks Ziggler into space, and hits the Worlds Strongest Slam on RVD. But then #15 is Jericho. He runs out, ducks a clothesline, and hits the Codebreaker. All 4 guys eliminate Henry, and stare at each other, exhausted. We cut to the back and see Vince flipping out in the gorilla position. How is Bryan still standing? He shoves #16 (Justin Gabriel) out of the way and waves for someone to take his place.

Mah Gawd! That's Brock Lesnar's music. All 4 guys freeze as The Beast makes his way to the ring. He destroys them all and eliminates RVD. Bryan is busted open. Gabriel comes in at 17 and gets tossed. Lesnar smiles and picks up Ziggler and Bryan by the hair, ready to toss them both, but #18 is CM Punk and he goes right after Lesnar. All 3 go after Lesnar but he fights them off and takes them down.

#19 is a returning Matt Morgan and he goes toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar, trying to stare him down. Brock laughs and motions for him to bring it, but suddenly Morgan turns and kicks Bryan in the face with a big boot, then hits the Hellevator. Punk/Ziggler get involved and go at it with Morgan/Brock until #20, Cody Rhodes. He takes on Morgan and Brock by himself.  Disaster kick to Brock, Crossrhodes to Morgan. #21 is Barrett, also face by now, and Barrett eliminates Morgan. All 5 guys team up on Brock and toss him. Brock goes nuts and F5s everyone on his way out. He yanks Bryan out of the ring under the ropes and F5s him onto the barricade.

Then Cesaro and Swagger are the next two entrants and they work together to eliminate Jericho and Barrett. Meanwhile, Bryan has been getting checked out by medical and they want to stretcher him out but he's arguing.#24 is Damien Sandow and he walks up to where Bryan is being checked out and laughs at him. Bryan freaks out and clocks him. Nothing's going on in the ring so the fans can watch as Bryan gets Sandow to tap out to the Yes Lock on the outside.  Medical and referee pull him off and try to get him back on the stretcher but he clocks a couple and fights them off, then grabs a chair. They back off and Bryan rolls into the ring and nails everyone with chairshots. Swagger is eliminated. Bryan rolls out of the ring, rolls Sandow in and tosses him.
Cut to Vince in the back and he's going nuts. He throws some staffer out of the gorilla position and waves for the next entrant. It's all 3 members of the Shield. They go right after Bryan but he stays alive. Punk, Ziggler, and Rhodes join the fray but the Shield takes them down too. Triple powerbombs on Rhodes and they're about to eliminate him, but #28 is Gooooooooldust. He saves his brother and takes on the Shield by himself. Then he eats a spear and gets eliminated.Rollins and Ziggler fight on the top rope and eliminate each other in some crazy spot.

#29 is Bray Wyatt and he takes out Cody. Punk/Bryan go back to back and fight off the heels until it's time for #30...John Cena! So our final 6 is Cena/Bryan/Punk/Reigns/Ambrose/Wyatt. Cena eliminates Reigns and goes after Ambrose. Punk/Bryan work together and eliminate Wyatt.

Suddenly Cena sneak up on Bryan and tosses him over the top but Bryan hangs on! Cena tries to eliminate Bryan, but Punk spins him around and kicks him in the face! GTS and Cena staggers over to the ropes where Bryan helps him over the top.

Punk/Bryan are the final 2. They do a staredown, then look at the crowd, then back to each other, then they shake hands, like in their ROH days. They tear the roof off for 5-10 minutes and then after some quadruple reversey awesome, Bryan wins the whole thing.

Show goes off-air with Bryan leading thunderous YES chants and Vince in the back tugging his ear while HHH laughs.

Then Bryan has to defend his shot in a stacked Chamber match against Brock, Ryback, Henry, Cena, and Punk. He wins despite Mcmahon shenanigans and goes on to face Orton at Mania, where he wins. And the crowd goes nuts.


So, what do you think of my Rumble? I think the general sentiment of Vince stacking the deck and Bryan surviving one monster after another would be awesome. I'd love to see him end the match with the Punk face-off, but it's more likely to come down to him and Cena. Of course, they could do that at the Chamber match too, so maybe the Rumble could end on Punk/Bryan.

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